Intranet Leadership Forum

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The Intranet Leadership Forum is the professional community for intranet managers and teams throughout Australia. Join now to get access to a network of intranet teams, the latest intranet thinking, and practical solutions to key challenges.

The Forum is run by Step Two Designs, global experts on intranets. It provides a unique opportunity for intranet teams to connect up with what is happening in other organisations, and to learn from industry best-practice.

An alternative to traditional (and too often boring!) conference, the Forum provides quarterly workshops that are facilitated to give greatest benefit. There is no quicker way to build up intranet expertise, and to get questions answered at the point of need.

The Forum has chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. These provide local support for intranet teams, and ensure that every participating organisation gets the information they need, when they need it.

Sex Toy Spice up Your love Life

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Sex Toys to Spice up Your love Life

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows the spark can diminish, or even disappear, at times in their love life. While couples may still do the deed, the fireworks often just don’t pop as much as when things were new. However, that doesn’t mean lovers need to be bored between the sheets. Even for couples who still may have the fire burning white hot there are still ways to increase the joy. No matter what the situation, adding a few adult toys to your bedroom repertoire can’t help but spice things up sex toys JOUJOU.

Adult toys have come a long way from the gaudy colored jelly-style vibrators people used to laugh at. The age-old and popular notion of a typical adult toy being for the single woman, typically a vibrator to help her through a “dry spell” or when her partner is away, is no longer accurate. Now there is such an array of adult toys, from fairly tame to downright naughty, that every couple, or solo player, can find something to help make the night more fun.

Research has shown that partners who share new sexual experiences become closer as couples, and there are many toys that are designed specifically with couples in mind, often referred to as “couple toys.” Additionally, introducing adult toys into a relationship will not just enhance pleasure for partners, but can help couples to increase their intimacy out of the bedroom as well.